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01.06.00 The Pill by Loretta Lynn
awesome. the greatest song ever written on the subjects of birth control and hot pants.


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Shel Silverstein lyrics
I didn't know that Shel Silverstein wrote the lyrics to Loretta Lynn's One's on the Way. he also wrote A Boy Named Sue.

oh, and here's one he wrote that Cybill Shepherd(!?) sang, Vanilla:

I said, "I'll bring the booze baby, get the trapeze.
I'll put on my snorkel, you get down on your knees.
I'll bounce to the sky on your vibratin' bed
While you throw Mallomars at my head."
"I'm gonna dress you up in aluminum foil,
Fill up the bathtub with Mazola oil.
I'll bring the lash honey, you bring the hash."
She says, "Hold on baby, all the freakies are past."

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"Jeff's wife, Country Music Star Janie Fricke is also available to greet your guest and make your Lake Fork excursion a truly memorable event."

"Go with Jeff and you go to catch fish!"

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Phillipines new years' parade balloons
[from Chisato who notes that, "These make the Macy's parade's balloons look like crap."]

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awesome Texas world animation
T-GODDAM-EXAS! from, eclectic country. it's decent, but for my money, the '60s country' and '70s country' realaudio streams at are more reliably good. TEXAS!

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web home of the classic 80s chicago punk band. i only vaguely remember them, but i'm told they're up there with naked raygun and big black.

[naked raygun discography via bifurcated rivets. rockin' good, bifurcated rivets.]

just right this second i wanted some gum. and yesterday i brought gum to work. but today i didn't. so i looked in my desk and bless my soul if i didn't put that pack of gum in my desk yesterday so i could have a piece today. i don't even remember doing it. but now i wish i could go back in time to thank my yesterday self for my thoughtfulness towards my today self.

this gum is Mangosteen flavor!

but that flavor only lasts like a minute.

so by the time i finish typing this sentence, the flavor will be gone already.

this gum is an emotional roller coaster ride.
01.05.00 okonomiyaki recipe
okonomiyaki is wicked good. you should have it for dinner sometime. it looks like it's pretty easy to make too. the tricky part will be finding the brown sauce outside of Japan. (the brown sauce is key.)

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cool page. the link in the middle of the page crashes my browser every time, but the red thing on the top left leads to independent project: reversible reaction which is really nice.

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b0x         #       00
handsome minimalist page. and as a bonus, if you have RealAudioG-whatever, you can open the box and listen to over an hour of a pretty decent techno mix from the bleepy-bloopy kraftwerk-school of techno, mostly--then it gets house-y. oh my god--it ends with my main man, Taco.

01.04.00 70s diary
Dusty LaRue (such a great name) put her diary entries from 1978 and 1979 online. It's from when she was in high school and she includes tons of pictures and scanned in stuff from the newspaper and tv guide. (such as the Disco Duck album cover, and this Wizard of Id.) awesome.

Sept. 14, 1978: "...I watched t.v. the rest of the night. 'Mork & Mindy' is a new show. It was hilarious! Then I studied a bit. Then I watched 'SOAP.' They finally told us who did it. Chester Tate did."

Dec. 26, 1978: "Today was really neat. Me, ma & Aunt Dot went shopping. At Venture, we exchanged the Steve Martin cassette tape for an 8-track and I got me a Merlin!! It's fun!"

Aug. 8, 1978: Dusty LaRue meets Daryl Dragon--the "Captain" of Captain and Tennille.

she has other brushes with fame as well.

01.03.00 a few thoughts on Evel Knievel
from no pictures, no interview, just a few thoughts. (i mean, i don't want to get your hopes up or anything.)

01.02.00 Biblegum
4 out of 5 pagans prefer bible gum to crusades, stonings, and televangelists.

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Action Man gum
from Turkey.

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Mafia Gum
also from Turkey. yummy mafia flavor.

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Fred Isaksen, Norwegian gum collector
the above gum links and more. too much gum on the internet.

12.31.99 Bibleman
Starring Willie Aames, formerly of "Eight is Enough" and "Charles in Charge."

here are photos of him performing live.

During the next millenium, can we have no more Biblical superheros, please.

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Jim nabors official photo gallery
don't miss: and in case you don't know who Jim Nabors is, his bio explains:

"Jim Nabors is an entertainer of international status whose ability to combine the charm of a sophisticated modern country gentleman with the ingenuousness of a traditional country cousin has made him one of America's most beloved personalities."

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parasites and worms
nasty nasty nasty headlines on this page from

"TAPEWORMS: If The Head Is Not Expelled, The Whole Worm Will Grow Back!"

"The Fish Tapeworm Can Produce More Than 1,000,000 Eggs A Day In Humans!"

and worse. oh man.

skim it and get alarmed and freaked out, but don't buy whatever it is they're selling or decide to become a distributor for this home-based business opportunity, because i can't have that on my conscience.

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parasite gallery

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maggot therapy project
ew ew ew. "Maggot Debridement Therapy (MDT) is the medical use of live maggots (fly larvae) for cleaning non-healing wounds."

includes frequently asked questions about maggots. and if you're a tenacious sick-o, you can hunt around on this site to find some really gross pictures. (the less said about this the better.)

today is my day for finding foul stuff on the web.

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wilkommen parasites
"over 550 images of more than 180 species of parasites".

(this site will be down y2k eve and y2k day.)
new years in japan
before new years here, the tradition is for everyone to clean their house. so everyone's doing that. not us, but everyone else.

12.30.99 wired news: Etoys Relents, Won't Press Suit
good news, probably. etoy hasn't been contacted yet (and is still offline), but is already letting the press know that they won't press their case against the art site (although they stopped short of saying that they'll drop it).

"Our intent was never to silence free artistic expression," however we did file a court order that managed to shut them up until after the Christmas buying frenzy, didn't we?

(stock's still falling.)

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salvage 1
andy griffith was a junk collector with a dream; he wanted to fly to the moon, so he built a spaceship.

whacked out tv from the 1970s. so awesome. like sanford and son meets 2001 meets the andy griffith show. with Isaac Asimov as their science advisor, even.

here's some pictures and movie files of the spaceship. awesome.

andy griffith and his spaceship!

it was only on for half a season. curse the fools at ABC for cancelling this gem.

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more andy griffith
"I met Jim (Nabors)...and I said, 'I don't know what you do but whatever it is, it's electric.'"

prince, 1999
i woke up this morning and realized that i haven't had to hear this song once since moving to japan. woo.

12.29.99 road kill collectible figurine
from harmony kingdom gobblefest 99. cute little critters with cute little tire tracks right up their cute little backs. also available on ebay, of course.

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more Harmony Kingdom: morbid collectible figurines
further info on Road Kill: it features the license plate of the car that killed Princess Di.

and another, "Perished Teddies" has one bear smoking a cigarette; another with a knife in its back; and look, that adorable little bunny is missing an eye.

"This piece does contain some disturbing images and should only be enjoyed by a mature and understanding adults. [sic] The knife in one teddy's back is representative of man's humanitarian intervention." ha, yeah.

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santa crushing a reindeer
another Harmony Kingdom collectible.

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Puffy dolls
$160 for these "Hyper-Real Action Figures." from the makers of Jenny dolls. if i were rich or stupid or both, these would already be on their way to my mailbox.

[thanks, Wiremommy.]

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Asahi Broadcast Company's Digital DaVinci Grand Prix
japanese tv ads, available in realplayer format or as enormous (~16Mb) quicktime files.

the one for Morinaga's Energy In Body Charge (or whatever) is decent. Mazda's and Hitachi's are both cute.

and Triumph! I'm not sure what it's for, but it features some bosom magic that makes it a must-see, i figure.

the rest are probably worth checking out only if you have a fast connection.

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star wars breakbeats
this was on NPR ages ago. at the time, i went looking for it on the web and didn't find it. but here it is now. woo.

plus a turntable for your star wars action figures.

and weird little dioramas. like one with Boba Fett "butt nekkid except for his bloomers and blaster" and also:

This crew of deployed stormtroopers takes a second to pose for the folks back home to show all the ill freaks they got to roll with on the tatooine job.

oh, and Boba Fett is the Mack. word.

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Mandrell City
More magnificent Mandrell sisters merriment. This time around we blast off with the inexplicable space shuttle theme and the Tron-style green grid on black background--to go with all that 80s hair.

tons of great photos, like this and this for example.

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Tony's page
Tony wants his knife collection and Jesus too.

This page displays graphics from games played on the computer and playstations. They "do not" reflect my personalty. I have been raised to respect life and God. So, please enjoy and don't pass judgement on the content. Thank you and God bless.

[from Bjorn. Thank you and God bless.]
post cards
i bought some postcards in the 100yen shop. my favorite is one with 3 balloons and the mysterious caption, "How many sisters do you have?"