07.20.99 MMM/WWW
nice japanese web art piece. i guess that's what this is. the link i found to it (at candy factory which has some other goodies) just said "Say Mac Donald in your dialect!" which it turns out is a pretty good description. it's also cool to isolate one frame, like this one.

- - - - - - -

guinea pigs
a little bit of info on how guinea pigs are used in the Andes as food, in ritual, and as medicine. whee.

- - - - - - -

what is space day?
September 12 = Space Day
September = Space Month
1992 = Space Year

according to the NASDA (National Space Development Agency of Japan) FAQ.

- - - - - - -

manned space activity
scroll down to life in space. all that stuff is interesting. who hasn't wondered about space toilets? by the way, "the first astronauts...all wore diapers".

- - - - - - -

"RATE six real panhandlers! SEE, HEAR, and READ their panhandling pitches! GUESS which panhandler collected the most virtual money!"

Really interesting, especially the interview stuff after you take the survey.

- - - - - - -

it's a sometimes funny, perl-based random tirade generator. my favorites are brag ("So step aside, all you butt-lipped, neurotic, insecure bespectacled retarded space bastards!") and crackpot. also vison is funny in the i-still-hate-Wired and i'm-already-sick-of-Fast-Company way.

wow, these 2 columns have been empty for a long time. i have to do something else with this page layout, i think.
07.19.99 dirty toilets of tokyo
basically, this site features toilet reviews--kind of a good idea. plus a page on how to use a japanese toilet. everything you need to know about tokyo toilets, all in one place!

i originally wasn't going to list this site because it's nasty. so i sent it to benicetobears and he said he would do a big expose on "the poo-related site that doesn't want you to see." then i had a change of heart. i mean, i don't know what my problem was. was i thinking that i was somehow above a cheap laugh from a collection of filthy toilet pictures? i don't know. i got wise; i couldn't let my delicate sensibilities keep you from finding out about the dirty toilets, faithful reader. please enjoy the pictures and ratings of the nastiest public toilets in Tokyo. also available are pictures of clean Tokyo toilets.

- - - - - - -

webby mambo shockwave thing
there's something annoying about the webby awards; maybe it's that they take themselves too seriously (while kind of pretending that they don't) or maybe it's that they try to treat the web like it's hollywood (which maybe the web wishes it was, but it isn't) or maybe it's that they're charging people $50 just to nominate a site this year. anyway, none of that should keep you from enjoying this pointless shockwave time-waster for a minute or two.

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L.A. Coroner's Office Gift Shop
classy, but not official. i definitely want a Coroner's Office pillow case.

[finder's credit: Pete, a frequent contributor who doesn't have a web presence of his own for me to link to when thanking him.]

07.16.99 new puffy album!
Unfortunately, i can't find much info about it in English. The new album is "Fever Fever". and it comes with a whole new look--big sunglasses with leather and lace together in one ensemble. i'm told the new sound is different too, exclusively retro-60s instead of retro-everything.

also, the sf bay guardian reviewed it.

- - - - - - -
Indian butter. It has a great "topical" ad campaign that's been running for 30 years--making it one of the longest running ad campaigns anywhere, ever. It stars the nose-less Utterly Butterly girl and deals with issues like the Lewinsksy scandal, Iraq invading Kuwait, and Ginger Spice leaving the Spice Girls. And when i say "deals with," what i mean is, "uses to sell butter".

07.15.99 5-card Nancy
This is a card game played with panels of the comic strip Nancy. definitely read the Why Nancy? section at the bottom.

he links to another site that lets you play 5-Card Nancy solitaire

5-Card Nancy comes from the brain of Scott McCloud, who also wrote/drew a really great book called "Understanding Comics" which is seriously so good that you should read it. while we're talking about how cool Scott McCloud is, you may as well visit all of

- - - - - - -

rolling your own sushi
you're not required to wear an undershirt when rolling your own sushi. "Itadakimasu! (Bon Appetite!)"

- - - - - - -

ascii sushi

- - - - - - -

someone in a newt gingrich mask
this picture freaks me out.

07.14.99 the taco web
i couldn't find much on the web about Taco. and most everything i found says something like, "...Taco (remember 'Puttin on the Ritz'?)...".

poor taco. nobody cares about taco.

- - - - - - -

hello kitty's tea party
might i suggest having the Earl Grey with milk and sugar and a ginger biscuit?

07.13.99 ~*Ladie~Blue Pimpstress*~
the whole site is good. this page is especially useful for fellas who want to know if they make the cut: FELLAZ, do U mAkE the CuT. "Take dis lil' QUIZ and see....Now it ain't alldat hard.. its juss YES or NO questions....~"

and here's the message fo ALL DEM HOES.

also, Lady Blue has put up a lot of pictures. there are PiCtuReZ mostly of homies, but there's a separate gallery of pictures of FINE,FINE... MEN!!:+.

- - - - - - -

Boots, the black and white cat
i like boots. on one page, Boots tries on all sorts of different hairdos, courtesy Cosmopolitan's virtual makeover software. and i really like this picture of Boots' mom after the transporter accident combined her DNA with Boots'.

- - - - - - -

internet songbook
geeky geeky geeky. this is a good site to know about if anyone ever asks you, "what could possibly be worse than weird al yankovic?" Try a whole cabal of wanna-be-yankovics just writing songs about the internet.

sing along to old time whack a mole or the netscape wranglers song which may or may not be good examples. i couldn't bring myself to read very many of these. and there are a lot--over 40 songs about spam alone.