pantsmail - 7:24 am - Thursday,October 25, 2001


date : 7:24 am - Thursday,October 25, 2001

from : mrp

subject : PANTSMAIL 016: wherein I pose a question to you about Abe Lincoln

Hi Everyone!

[Now you say, "Hi, Mister Pants!" Then I say, "hi" again, with slightly less enthusiasm. And we all shuffle uncomfortably. Someone clears his throat.]

First, let's start with a brief Nikki Sixx update and then I'll tell you about the project for which I'm soliciting responses from you. YOU!

Sixx's summer rehab seems to have gone well. And as of mid-September, he is no longer on probation. His daughter (Frankie-Jean Mary Sixx) is almost 9 months old. Mr. Sixx has reunited with his wife of four years, Donna D'Errico; since July, they had been taking time away from each other, "to grow." With regards to the Crüe, Sixx is currently on a mental break from the band. All in all, it appears that things are looking pretty good for Nikki Sixx.

Now that that's out of the way, I'll tell you about this Abraham Lincoln question I have for you. I'm working on a project where I'm asking people to answer the following:

What would Abraham Lincoln want to tell us today?

If you would like to answer, then please do! I would like that. Answers can be as long or as short as you want. And some are going to be put up on a website with the name, occupation, and location of the person who said them, like this:

[Your answer to the question.]
-Your Name, Your Occupation, Where You are

Well, for "occupation," it's more like what they would put after your name if you were interviewed for local news--it's good to be aware of your news interviewee role. Sometimes it's not a professional title but more like "commuter" or "proud parent" or "litterbug," but other times it is job related, like "Opthamologist" or "bus driver." Mainly it just needs to give context beyond your name alone.

For example, if Nikki Sixx responds:

[Nikki Sixx's answer to the question.]
-Nikki Sixx, Bass Player for Mötley Crüe*, California

I can't wait to see what people have to say about this. Also, I'm interested to see whether this project will quench my thirst for Lincolnia or will leave me even more Lincoln-parched. Is this the end of an obsession or a new beginning? Time, as they say, will tell.

Thank you and warmest possible regards,

*currently taking a break from 20 years of Crüe-dom.