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banana info
from the Japan Banana Council or somesuch.
found at Nakamuraya Supermarket.

something about 'sugar spots.' they're calling the brown spots 'sugar spots.'

more sugar spots somehow = better. see how strong they made this banana? he's genki!

note: 'homu peji adoresu' (home page address): http://www.banana.co.jp/.
[oh, cool! here's some more explanation about what's going on here, from Quezovercoatl, who knows way more japanese than I. Thanks a ton, Q!]

"Professor Yamazaki of Teikyo University has discovered that Bananas have some substance that heightens the immune system. Said material (they're impressively vague in the pamphlet, and stop just short of calling the illness-fighting banana agent a "thingie") has cancer-preventing properties, and the more "Sugar Spots" there are, the more powerful its cancer-fighting properties become.

The pamphlet then takes a moment to proudly declare that "Sugar Spots" are the black, freckle-like markings on bananas which act as "barometers of sweetness" (their words, not mine)."
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