05.20.99 happy days - where are they now?
this is so interesting. there's all sorts of stuff here that i didn't know:
  • Henry Winkler has dyslexia.
  • Scott Baio is 37!
  • Don(ny) Most is on the TV show "The Crow - Stairway to Heaven" which i've seen--it's on at like 2 a.m and it's really awful.
  • Suzi Quatro has 2 kids around 20 years old.
  • Pinky Tuscadero only appeared in 3 episodes.
They even have info on minor characters that no one remembers--Spike, Ashley Pfister, K.C. Cunningham. Which you can totally tell that a character named "Spike" came from the '70s episodes and a character named "Ashley Pfister" came from the '80s.

plus there's this crazy picture of Marion Ross.

sort of a footnote:
I asked the guy who maintains this site about Pinky Tuscadero only being in 3 episodes. He said that the writers had planned for her character to be in more, but that Roz Kelly (who played her) didn't get along well with the rest of the cast and would do unkind Fonzie imitations. So her character was written out.

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the dana plato memorial
it's almost kind of nice, but then you see that this site is a member of "The Babes Ring".

i had no intention of recognizing the star wars hype, but here it is--the worst possible star wars idea ever: that kfc/taco bell/pizza hut star wars thing. it goes beyond so-bad-it's-good to simply being bad.

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KFC career center
Lies, lies, lies. "We believe in people, trust in positive intentions, encourage ideas from everyone and actively develop a workforce that is diverse in style and background."

3 puns used by the reporter on KTVU-4 to refer to people calling in sick to see the new star wars film:

  • "phantom flu"
  • "skywalking pneumonia"
  • "wookie hookie"

    The real news is that the KTVU-4 news team are a bunch of cheeseballs.
  • 05.17.99 lil fishstick presents: bad girl
    a good personal site. the village lego people alone make it worth visiting.

    05.16.99Stalinist photographic fakery
    These are from "The Commissar Vanishes" by David King. it's a collection of photographs falsified under Stalin, next to the original photos. Anyone who pissed off Stalin and got sent off to the gulags was edited out of the picture: Trotsky airbrushed out; Stalin moved closer to Lenin to make them look chummier. Pretty wild. All the reviews i found mentioned how ham-handed the retouching is, and some of it is, but i thought a lot of it was surprisingly well-done for the time.

    here are some of the photos from the book:
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    DOOL Sponsors
    "Are you fed up with the degrading, demeaning and insulting way Days of Our Lives is portraying women?"

    "It's bad enough that Marlena is held captive, demeaned, degraded, insulted, and taunted *yet again* - but now she is being held captive, degraded, demeaned, insulted and taunted by *another woman*! And Billie was just stabbed.... and Laura is being drugged and brain-zapped, Sami was hit by a car (twice!), etc..."

    good for you, Cheryl Johnson, working to increase awareness and effect positive change through a letter-writing campaign. me, i would just stop watching the sexist show, but i'm pretty lazy.

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    my collection of gassy beverage cans
    it's in french, so it's really called "ma collection de cannettes de boissons gasseuses."

    Beer can collections are overdone and besides, beer is just a sub-set of all gassy beverages. This is a collection of gassy beverage cans in general and not a collection of any one specific type of gassy beverage can. I love that. I love that about this gassy beverage can collection.

    there aren't enough pictures of the collection itself, but it is HUGE: "plus de 4400 canettes!"

    you may think you've got too much clutter at your place, but whatever you've got, i'll bet it's nowhere near the sort of cabinet-filler that "plus de 4400 canettes" of gassy beverages must be.

    05.15.99 Elvis et Priscilla Pigsley
    Des cobayes françaises dans "Le Leopard Room."

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    Casa Sanchez tattoo article in SF Weekly
    this is old news--from February. the deal is: Casa Sanchez, a taqueria, gives you free burritos for life if you get a tattoo of their logo. i read about this last month on CNN and then couldn't find the article. so i searched and found this SF Weekly one.

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    Lyndon Larouche Publications
    i was searching for "1980s robots" and found Lyndon Larouche--now i feel kind of dumb because i never realized that he's a robot. his article titles are funny and worth skimming, but the articles themselves are boring and incoherent.

    robots aren't very good writers.

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    King of the Stuntmen: Evel Knievel™ doll
    his name is trademarked. probably a good idea for everyone to do. or better yet, trademark other peoples' names and make them pay you royalties for using them.

    this is one of the Evel dolls. not an E-V-I-L doll, but an E-V-E-L doll--i'll bet Mr. Knievel gets that joke all the time. "Evil Evel! Get it? ha ha ha." As Mr. Knievel pops you in the jaw.

    05.14.99 star trek weddings
    i hope most of the people who do this, are doing it as a joke, but probably an alarming number of them aren't.

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    guinea-pig-like thing pushing a shopping cart

    corporate email--nothing special, but i love this stuff.
    The water in the front kitchen sink area will be turned off and will be off for about 2 hours starting at 2PM. We are filling all the coffee pots if you should need coffee during the time the water is off.

    PLEASE NOTE: There will not be any problems with any other water related areas (i.e. restrooms)

    Sorry for the inconvenience,
    The Facilities and Real Estate Department
    05.12.99 urkel attack

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    put together by Robert Cohen, aka 'NOTMILKMAN' who actually refers to himself as "concerned citizen," which i thought people only did on SNL news. he's fighting the good fight against the powerful dairy industry. i mostly agree with his cause , but he's still a crackpot. he's got crazy catch-phrases like, "Say 'not' to a 'pus'-tache!!" and "Milk is a bad-news substance."

    He writes terrible poetry about celebs who appear in those stupid milk moustache ads.

    In fact, he thinks Clinton should be impeached for posing for one. (He's kind of got a point here--impeachment is maybe a tad extreme, but why's the president doing ads for anything? it'd maybe be okay if it was one of those "Beef. It's what's for dinner." ads--especially if he wore a beef mustache.)

    Also Cohen thinks there's a conspiracy to cover up the fact that Florence Griffith Joyner's death was caused by eating cheese and to expose the lie, he kept pestering the coroner who was doing her autopsy.

    And, if this is accurate, it's nasty: the food pyramid of what the average Americans actually eats in a year.

    2 things that i don't mind that it seems like no one else can stand:
    1. Subway subs
    2. Keanu Reeves
    2 things that i can't stand that it seems like no one else minds:
    1. Snapple
    2. Sandra Bullock