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Hello. Here is a picture of Al Roker with birds. That is all.
Don't eat the candy corn that the guy in the truckstop bathroom is selling. You might think that it would be really fresh because he has his own machine in there to make it, but it's just not very good.
Waffle House Salutes Public Servants With 'Waffles For Heroes' Campaign.

"From September 11, 2002 through October 11, 2002, any police officer, firefighter, EMT or active military personnel in uniform can get a free waffle with their meal purchase at participating Waffle House restaurants. In addition, anyone wearing a USA Flag pin or themed clothing will receive a free beverage with their meal purchase."
This is a few years old, but still kind of neat: Shibuya traffic jam street performance with clowns (clowns not pictured, unfortunately). Also, here's a first-person description written in slang that's strangely outdated. Outdated "to da MAX."

Oh, wait, here's a clown, and not just any clown--it's B. T. Rubingh, the artist himself. Or "so-called" artist, according to Japanese police who are the ultimate authority on who is and isn't an artist.
Harpie's Bizarre is a huge Bewitched fan site with the typical meticulous and fascinating fan-site-type articles, such as one listing Witch Diseases and another documenting each incidence of smoking on Bewitched (which occured at a frequency of once every six episodes).

Here, you can also download a fan-produced and acted MP3 of a new 5-minute audio-only episode. It's nice and strange.

Also, you can listen to lo-fi MP3s of songs from Bewitched episodes, including 3 different versions of Blow You a Kiss in the Wind, and some great rockin' Serena numbers.

But my very favorite item on Harpie's Bizarre is Bill Lane's comprehensive piece on the history and use of the Bewitched harp sound effect, Sounds of the Harp.
The Halloween costumes of Madison are notable for their bad-assedness as well as their attention to detail.

(While you're there, you might also check out the Star Wars boots pages.)

[Thanks, John.]

There's not much to do at toiletpaperdoll.com but it's worth a quick visit while you're waiting for the microwave to finish warming up your HotPockets.
Hello everyone. Welcome. I finally got this thing working. This is the new look.

I've got a whole summer's worth of excuses for why this site has barely been updated in the past 3 months. Would you like to hear them all? Each and every one? Some are fun excuses like "cross-country road trip" and "beach" and others are less fun like "out-of-control monster cgi script" and "itchy."

Maybe some day when we have aaaall night and we don't feel like playing Risk or watching for the comet, we can gather round the fire and I'll elaborate on my summer's worth of excuses.

Anyway, I mostly wanted to tell you that it's hard to putt with Lincoln hovering over you, scrutinizing, criticizing, and laughing at you quietly but never so quietly that you don't hear him.

Please enjoy these Charlotte's Web pictures from the Younger Generation Players. In fact, the YGP's productions have generated many great photos:
Redd Blood Cells
As a sort of art project, Steven McDonald of Redd Kross added bass guitar and occasional vocals to the sparse White Stripes arrangements on White Blood cells.

That is, he added bass to every single song. On the entire album.

And some of it's really awesome, like on We're Going to Be Friends, which he somehow turns into a Wings song.

The whole album is available as mp3s, but only until August 25.

[Thanks, Andrew.]
New York artist, Nina Katchadourian, recreated famous car alarm tunes using bird songs. You should go listen to them right now. So cool: Call of the Wild Car Alarm.

[Thanks, Chisato.]
Go away, Country Bears.
Right now it's time for some Japanese mayonnaise. First, here's a big thumbs up to Kewpie mayonnaise from some french fry fanatics.

Next, here's the Kewpie-centric history of mayonnaise in Japan.

And for information on Kewpie's use of the egg, please see the Egg Business section.

[Thanks, Chisato.]