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06.22.00 some J-pop for your hungry ears
I've made the new Morning Musume single available for download from the i-drive thingie. The name of the song is "Happy Summer Wedding." It's pure pop.

Includes: some good "yai-yai"s, some nice "woo woo"s, part of a riff snagged from Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff," plus that "shave and a haircut--two bits" tune. (umm, i have a hunch that no one knows what i'm talking about here.)

here's what Morning Musume looks like. That should give you an idea of what you're in for before you commit to the download. (~4.4Mb)

oh hey, while i was messing around in the old i-drive, i noticed that someone dropped in a song called "Carol" by Yumeiyio which I don't know anything about except that it's pretty fun. It's got a bit of a 50s rock sound to it and it includes the line, "Kimi wa funky monkey, baby." And it weighs in at a measly 2Mb, so if you don't mind dealing with the awkward i-drive site, then by all means, go get it, boss!

And to whomever left that, thanks a ton! You're my mysterious good-music-leaving hero.

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Taboo: Forbidden Behavior with Chopsticks Are You Aware Of It?
includes illustrations and the japanese terms for the offending practices.

oh hey, here's a much longer list, with english translation of the japanese terms, but without diagrams.

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driving a car in japan
japanese seat hierarchy is interesting.

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What is KO-GAL?
includes some Ko-gal Q & A.

people make fun of kogals, but it's important to remember that the world don't move to the beat of just one drum. what might be right for you might not be right for some.

Spanish bread site.

their logo would make a great t-shirt.

plus these games, 'jumping pan' and 'mision comestible', are both surprisingly fun. like, if you had asked me whether or not bread as a product would lend itself well to engaging interactive online content, i probably would have scowled and shook my head. but that just shows you how dumb i am. once again bimbo proves me wrong.

[from Miles, Spanish bread maven.]

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Fisher Price Little People hairstyle guide
lots of great Little People info on this site--like the answer to the question, which is the only original series Little Person with arms?

read also, "The Grand and Glorious History of Little People".

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got gas?
"This shirt is a gas! Perfect gift for your lactose intolerant friend!"

[thanks Chisato.]

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Mt. Rainier
Starbucks look-a-like. Served cold in a plastic cup with a straw and with a lid whose main function is to make it look like a cup from Starbucks.

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fun planet! you know what's fun? Fuji Seimitsu Manufacturing's metric-threaded, high carbon steel, weld-type nuts!

and don't miss a single moment of the super-fun cautionary statements.

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driving in italy
quickie. includes Italy-only street signs.

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jack swersie's photos with celebrities
comedian formerly known as "Jugglin' Jack" shows off his tons of photos taken with celebrities.

here's his journal. Really long. And overall just kind of okay, but worth skimming for bits like where he speaks philosophically about comedic juggling vs. straight stand-up. And for parts like when he was fired by Frankie Valli: "if I'm going to be fired from a gig, I may as well be fired by the best!" Or the part where he didn't like J.J. Walker: "What nice can be said about JIMMY 'J.J.' WALKER...? He was not a very friendly man." Another highlight is where Brett Butler yells at him.

oh, this is a good line: "Most comics I worked with on the Comedy Club circuit felt threatened having a guy who was funny (and juggled as well) opening the show for them."

jugglers are threatening.

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how to make a pork martini
with photos!

(i guess this has been around for a while, but this is the first i've seen it. maybe you too! if so, click. if not, don't click. or do. okay?)

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billy carter poster
(from ebay)

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girlfriend shrine portal
a page of links to pages about girlfriends.

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beard and mustache photo journal
"Here is a Pictorial progression of my beard and mustache from June 1973 to April 2000"

there are some good beards here, beard fans.

for some reason, he had to take his shirt off for most of the photos from 1998 on.

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ButtCandle, Inc.: Procedure
wow. eww. wow.

i'm stunned.

(if this is a joke, the only hints are the awards links.)

the FAQ is also amazing.

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rubik's cube artwork
too good. so many rubik's cubes. that's what i need--more rubik's cubes. to complete my life.
spaghetti with pickled plum (ume) and beefsteak leaves. it's like a taste of italy meets the flavor of japan and they don't get along very well.

06.20.00 NY Times Iron Chef article
Japanese tv already showed the episode filmed in nyc. i won't give away who wins, but i will say that New York chef, Bobby Flay, is an ass.

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Kushami Room
"I like to wacth and hear women sneezing very much. If you also like sneezzing, let`s enjoy this page!"

creepy sneeze fetish site featuring videos of people sneezing taken from a japanese ad for cold medicine as well as from a bizarre japanese tv show where they induced sneezing.

[finder's credit: Utendi.]

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tarot of sneezing
one stop shopping for sneeze fetishists, all oddly organized around a tarot navigational metaphor. it's got pictures, fan fiction, sounds, etc. i'd link directly to each section, but this is really starting to gross me out.

also, here's "A terrific X-Files Fanfic story in which Mulder catches a cold". i didn't read it, but i did count 41 occurences of the words "sneeze," "sneezed," and "sneezing."

let's hear it for tarot-related sneeze-fetishistic sci-fi fan fiction! "Manyfeel better knowing there are 500 people in the world that feel the way they feel."

and many others feel much worse.

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good geoducks photo. also, Kelly posing with geoducks.

[thanks, Terri.]

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tp://">Meat Cake!
[another, Terri find, thanks.]

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handsome java-powered 'coming soon' page. if there were awards for 'coming soon' pages, i would nominate this one.
YET ANOTHER pizza entry
salad pizza. i forgot to mention the salad pizza. just pizza dough with a salad on top.
welcome prowlers!
it's getting hot, so i might be leaving the back door open. prowlers, please feel free to stop by.
06.18.00 tall salad competition
from pizza hut hong kong.

the salad is wearing a hat.

also interesting, Pizza Hut Hong Kong's breakfast menu includes chicken spaghetti in soup.

[thanks Terence.]

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how to open restroom doors without using your hands
with diagrams even. and an earnest call for industry standards and a letter-writing campaign. i especially like the new inventions for unlocking doors with your forearm using an actual "Paddle Handle Door Latch/Bolt Acuator". which is awesome because it sounds like a Dr. Bunsen Honeydew invention.

[not surprisingly, japan has done a much better job on this front--sometimes by making restrooms without a door at all, just kind of open air in some cases. but, in general, less restroom door handle touching is required here. it's nice. and makes sense, what with the whole cleanliness thing.]

[thanks Terri.]

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Operation Clean Hands
if you were thinking of naming your covert military operation this, you can't because it's already taken by these people who through some horrible lack of creativity are using this awesome name for the completely literal purpose of promoting clean hands.

[another tangential japan note. just from casual observation, i'd say american men do a slightly better job of washing their hands after going to the bathroom (61%, according to Operation Clean Hands) than japanese men (easily much less than 50%, in my estimation). this is surprising to me because, as everyone knows, america = dirty and japan = clean. more studies need to be done, i guess. i should spend a week or two doing fieldwork--just hanging out in the bathroom, jotting down whether or not people wash their hands.]

- - - - - - -

device-assisted method for women to pee standing up
"With a TravelMate you can easily pee through the fly of your pants while standing."

i figure i should warn those of you browsing from public terminals that there's a picture of a woman peeing through her fly on this page. it's totally tame. but also pretty damn odd. and maybe not the image you want on your monitor as others peer over your shoulder, wondering what sort of things you're interested in.

that picture in all it's bizarre glory somehow sums up the internet, for me, i think.

from, neat people doing neat restroom-related things!

[again thanks, Terri.]
another pizza entry
i know that half of the entries in this column are about pizzas (and the other half are usually about toilets) but what can i say? my life in a nutshell, i guess. anyway, here we go, kicking it with another pizza entry.

yesterday for lunch, i tried eggplant and herb mayonnaise pizza. (very very good!) also on the menu at the same restaurant, chocolate banana pizza.

that is all.

06.16.00 MacGyver hair
"Nothing says watch out world [more] then a totally cool looking long layered hair style on a man." [sic!]

- - - - - - -

more bad hair
cheap shots. fish in barrels, pow pow pow.
funny lunch
i was laughed at by coworkers at lunch today because what i was eating was so bizarre--a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

laughed at in a good way.

i think.
Bats and Rabies
[the following info is from the CDC website, and is presented as a public service announcement.]

Although bats rarely have rabies, to minimize the risk for rabies, it is best never to handle any bat.

You can't get rabies from touching bat guano, or from "just seeing a bat in an attic, in a cave or at a distance".

You can however get rabies if you get bat saliva in your eye, nose, mouth or a wound.
creepy dolls can be made creepier by simply adding a human face!

super weird domain name too. pirate voice: "arrgh, it's me dollpatterns i been lookin' fer ever since i set sail on the high seas."

good lord, and their tagline is,

"We've saved a SPACE for your child's FACE!(tm)"

wow. introductions are in order, i suppose: see also My Twinn.

[thanks Terri.]

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velvet welk
lawrence welk + velvet underground. great realplayer clip.

- - - - - - -

hypno chicken
"relax, chicken. my little friend chicken. you should relax yourself and just think extra relaxed crispy. relax your little wings. let the kentucky fried relaxation flow into you."

so great. seriously, so great. also realplayer.

"go into a deep, deep, kentucky-fried trance..."

- - - - - - -

trailer for "I Created Lancelot Link"
from Jeff Krulik, who brought us, Heavy Metal Parking Lot and Neil Diamond Parking Lot (not to mention, King of Porn), here's a not-very-informative interview with the guys behind Lancelot Link, inter-cut with tons of footage of the show. Watch it for the footage.

- - - - - - -

Meat Fucker
the feel-good movie of the summer.

thankfully, no clip. just a write-up.

- - - - - - -

all of the above came from supersphere. too much good stuff, especially in their spherevision section.

oh yeah, also take note of their javascript mouseovers.