04.24.99interactive birdbath
so damn weird. birds come and perch on the birdbath and ask you questions. it was a dhtml site of the day or week or something.

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i know a lot of this is really juvenile, but it has its moments that are just brilliant, like in Moonstruck where Mr. T (who was a scientist before he was a bad-ass) exhumes the body of Abraham Lincoln and using recombinant DNA technology, creates Lincoln clones. Eventually he develops the perfect Lincoln; together they fight crime.

it goes on and on and on and on. There's probably a good half hour of flash movie entertainment here. it's sort of a Josie and the Pussycats format--a tv-style storyline punctuated with music. only in this case it's the music of the band fatkid, and it's pop-punk instead of just pop.

04.23.99Family Matters 200
"From its premiere on September 22, 1989, until its final departure on July 17, 1998, Family Matters has given us two hundred and fifteen episodes of love, laughter, tears..."

i've only ever been able to stomach one full episode of this show. when the 24-hour Urkelbot Network launches (slated to be channel number 418 in the 500-channel near future), i'll retire and devote all my time to watching that classic episode (#54, Robo-Nerd) back to back.

i'm all about Urkelbot.

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Mr. Heartbreaker's Chart Line
it's another japan thing. the japan top 40 (half in Japanese). This week Hysteric Blue moves up two notches to occupy the number one position. But Zard's new single, "Mind Games" has moved all the way from 32 last week to 8 this week. Go Zard! I also see some TLC, and a little Blondie. It may be helpful to note that in Japan, payola is basically legal.

[oh, i just found the link to the english version of the same page.]

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well,there's lots of info here--mostly about how the states names have drug meanings.

i learned about mfarbish when i was working for a website and he set up a personal homepage there; his presence generated discussion about whether or not a member should be booted because he's going to freak everyone out.

since then, i've been following mfarbish's work. he's been kicked off of a couple ISPs, he's looked for a comedy script-writing partner, but mostly he's been trying to sell his book.

i always wonder why i don't see more websites by really seriously insane people.
that guy
the fast-walking little guy who does the "ug ug ug ug" Popeye laugh.
today it's a haiku.

you like them portals?
the internet is evil.
we should destroy it.
monkeys are always funny.
except when they're tragic.

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sushi-eating shockwave game
i think you're supposed to eat sushi and drink tea as fast as you can, but i'm not really sure. then at the end you get a bill, or maybe you get points. that's the first of the two games on this page.

the second one is a timed matching hüsker dü type game. it's better than it sounds--after you win, you get to roll a big spinner wheel and then you randomly download a little application of a Japanese pop star dancing. There are 20 different pop stars.

okay, here's one of the little applications: the mac version of Ami from Puffy. so cool.

the pc version is here.
Howling Bull Syndicate
shiny happy colorful plastic and angry black vinyl.

Japanese toys and punk/hardcore/metal records. it seems pretty disparate and doomed to me, but i guess it's working for the half-dozen skater boys who are always in there thumbing through the records.

826 valencia st., san francisco
the professional site for Merit Lee, web designer, model and "woman of profound energy, yet sustained humbleness..."

Definitely read her bio: "...The name of the boat, Sheunghai, means 'Double Happiness.' Perhaps double happiness is one way to describe Merit's personal and professional success?"

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If you are looking for chairs, you've come to the right place.
"Now your pet gopher can spend some nice quality time with you sitting and watching T.V. right next to you in it's own chair!"

yes, that's right--another chair store parody site.

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Oh yeah, and Merit Lee's site led me to this postcard: Baby, if I could change the world... © Martha Decker. Good stuff.
bumper sticker idea
"I'm immersed in consumer culture, and completely unaware."

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i tried to deep-fry felafels this evening. they sucked. i guess i don't know how to deep-fry. and now, i feel like i just downed two full tablespoons of vegetable oil.
Excerpt from Matthew Washington, Plaintiff, v. A.A. Alaimo, Judge; et al., from a law student friend:

On April 5, 1996, this Court ordered Plaintiff to show cause why this Court should not impose Rule 11 sanctions upon him for filing a motion for improper purposes. The motion which Plaintiff filed was entitled "Motion to Kiss My Ass" (Doc. 107) in which he moved "all Americans at large and one corrupt Judge Smith [to] kiss my got [sic] damn ass sorry mother fucker you."
04.19.99shop at home - beanie babies
nowhere near as good as beanie baby showcase on tv, but there's this:

   4 Bears Package
   You Will Receive: Peace...
Woody Woodpecker
why isn't this red-headed rascal on tv anymore?