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01.24.00 Tom the Dancing Bug vs SUVs
always good. but this is especially extra good.

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Hebrew speech synthesizer
is kind of cool.

(here are a bunch of other non-english speaking computers from bell labs. also cool? i'm too lazy to investigate.)
Japanese bread: pros and cons

  • yummy
  • thick (REALLY thick)
  • soft
  • makes great toast
  • no end-loaf

  • a "loaf" is usually between 5 and 7 slices
  • said "loaf" usually costs around US$2-$3 (¥200-¥300)
  • if you're making a grilled cheese 'sando', the cheese barely melts at all

  • 01.22.00 GW and The Big JC
    Hello, I'm Governor G.W. Bush. Thanks to me, Texas has done more to take away womens' reproductive rights than any other state in the union (except maybe Michigan, who we tied with), because, look, Jesus told me to. And no, deciding to announce my stance against Roe vs. Wade in a pulpit in front of big mural of Jesus is niether arrogant nor is it just plain tacky.

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    Eatery in Taiwan decorates wall with photos, murals of Nazi death camps
    Customers at a Taipei eatery can dine on spicy crab or steamed chicken legs while the emaciated, tortured faces of Nazi death camp victims stare at them from photographs and murals on the wall.

    [from Johnny.]

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    better public bickering
    Annabeth Woolverton asks that you do eavesdroppers a favor and argue with more finesse.

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    i want my own low power radio station. if i'm not back in the US before the FCC lets people get 'em, somebody please hold one for me.

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    japanese tent guy
    This guy travels around Japan, asking people if he can set up a tent in their garden. He sleeps there, then eats breakfast and draws pictures. Luckily, he's documenting the whole project online.

    at least, i think that's what's going on here. it's all in japanese.

    oh yeah, looks like you can buy some of his artwork and stuff. like ape2000. and this.

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    another reason to hate Unamerican
    this is from and andrew linked to it as well; you should read andrew's description because it's pretty much the 100% perfect summation of, i think.

    anyway, i'm linking to it too, just so there's one more link to this--just in case anyone was still thinking of buying one of unamerican's stupid stickers.

    oh man, and here's a picture of James Squeaky with his cat that Srini killed. So sad. And James seems so nice too, while Srini seems like such a tyrannical, egomanical, exploitative bastard. Ha, he's supposedly working hard to fight the system, but he himself is your worst nightmare boss--does nothing, takes all the credit, kills your cat.
    kitty-chan! bad-badtz!
    i don't know which of these two Sanrio products is the most wonderful and insane. i spotted both items in a convenience store:

  • Bad Badtz Maru condoms
  • Helly Kitty Douche

  • There's a mini-comic on the box of condoms, starring Bad-Badtz and his friend, Good Hana-Maru. in one frame, Bad-Badtz says (in Japanese), "I'm embarassed." Then, next frame, he's resolute: "But this is safe!" Followed by "Here I go!"

    01.18.00 Star Crash
    1979 Roger Corman Star Wars rip-off starring David Hasselhoff.

    And, as if that in itself wasn't pure heaven, David Hasselhoff shoots lasers from his eyes and fights robots.

    from, which looks to be decent.

    (also, if you want a little background on Roger Corman, maybe go to

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    Bad Cinema Diary
    trash video connoisseur shares his finds.

    no video or sound to download, but lots of screenshots. and in general it's just good in that labor-of-love website kind of way.

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    You know you've been in Japan too long when...
    in-jokes for non-japanese residents. i haven't been here long enough to get all of these, but i might add:

    You know you've been in Japan too long when... you read every single item on the cheesey 'You know you've been in Japan too long when...' list.

    [from Chisato.]

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    Chinese Parents: Names to Avoid for your kids
    "Monica Cheng (in Hokkien) - Touching your buttocks (Mo1 Ni3 Ka1 Ceng1)"

    [also from Chisato.]

    shout out
    "and i just wanna give a shout out to my own bad self."

    that's what i'm going to say from now on anytime i'm near a microphone or a walkie-talkie or a cb radio or speakerphone.
    01.17.00 desktop gallery
    not desktop-metaphor-type desktops (that's already been done by Alexei Shulgin and then again by k10k) but regular desktop desktops--or more specifically, the junk found on them.

    And you're welcome to participate. Art by and for the people. Nice work, Comrade one38.

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    puffy fashion doll desktop
    with trendy apocolyptic gas mask and gun in shoulder holster.

    [from Amanda of Wiremommy, home of the jeNny links.]

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    Parco ads
    Parco is a Japanese hipster department store. This is a gallery of their promotional posters from 1995 to present. Some are really awesome.

    i wish Sears used screaming orangutans in their ads, but then i guess people would get them confused with Kmart.

    also, quicktime movie of a tv spot. so very cool.
    more movie titles
    These are playing right now.

    US titleJapanese title
    Next Stop WonderlandWonderland Eki De (At Wonderland Station)
    The Legend of 1900Umi no ue ni Pianist (Pianist on the Sea)

    a few more coming soon...

    01.12.00 race rock

    because car racing is pretty much synonymous with good food.

    elsewhere on the web, a race rock photo--better than any on the official site.

    oh yeah, of course their menu includes theme-related food items such as "onion explosion" and "race-adillas".

    isn't it about time for some entrepeneurs to come out with a parody theme restaurant?

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    stretch pace car
    speaking of dumb.
    movie titles
    nowadays, most american movies released in japan get to keep their american titles--they're just phonetically translated into Katakana.

    Occasionally, I guess the English name doesn't make any sense here or isn't appealing enough and gets changed. Here are a couple examples

    US titleJapanese title
    Lawnmower ManVirtual Wars
    Runaway BridePretty Bride

    i should make a more thorough list next time i'm in the video store.

    'Pretty Bride' cracks me up. Clearly they wanted to emphasize the similarity to 'Pretty Woman.'

    "Hey look! This movie is every bit as awful and insulting as 'Pretty Woman!' Don't pass this up."

    01.11.00 south to the future
    i've linked here before but now they have a crazy funny redesign. it's ecommerce as art--the ecommerce game. great.

    as example:

    letters to ET: Letters to ET Originally published in 1983 by Putnam & Sons. Transcribed by hand, in pencil, by an illegal alien. Black vinyl sleeve, one of a kind. $300

    and straight from the island of unwanted toys is bipolar bear. also the description of freedom is brilliant.

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    photographs by Dean Brown
    some of the tabletops are pretty good. but mostly check out the incomplete history of art. photographs of remakes of famous works of art, starring barbie. like American Gothic.

    Some work better than others.

    And, shhh, nobody say anything to Mattel.

    In conclusion...
    Here's my all-purpose term paper ending from high school. If you're writing a paper, please feel free to use it. It's royalty-free and versatile.

    In conclusion, ______ has ______ed and will continue to ______ in the future.

    In conclusion, Dwarfism has affected many people's lives and will continue to affect people's lives in the future.

    In conclusion, World War II was primarily fought in Europe and in the Pacific, and most certainly wars will continue to be fought in those places and others in the future.

    In conclusion, the value of our company's stock has both risen and fallen, and will continue to rise and fall in the future.


    See, versatile. Take it from me, a straight A student... a solid B student... an erratic student.
    01.09.00 Flippo, the King of Clowns

    01.08.00 Design A Dyke - 80s style
    from the 80s issue of, awesome lesbian in-joke web magazine.

    oh man, and this article about the (lesbian) robot Vicki from Small Wonder (also from the 80s issue) is just too insane and brilliant.

    and The Sad Dykes Webring rules in both concept and in content.

    (warning! has some explicit content. like that will stop you. oh maybe if you're at work, i guess. warning! warning! ha, that's fun. warning!)

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    robot gallery
    Dan Pelavin is an illustrator and typographic designer in NYC. His specialty is robots which makes him my hero. [oop. not just his robots. this gallery features other people's robots too. for that, he's no less my hero.]

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    Fingerprinting systems being used to monitor prep school student attendance
    from the daily yomiuri.
    evian bottle cable pully nostril-tugging quiz game
    last night a show was on tv where 2 women answered questions, sort of like a typical quiz show. behind each woman was a man with plastic hooks in his nostrils. the hooks were attached to a cable that went through an overhead pully and came down behind them. every time one of the women got a question wrong (or the opposing woman got a question right), a full bottle of evian was hung from the cable of the man behind her. so each wrong answer resulted in pulling the poor guys' nostrils higher and higher. the first guy to be overcome by the pain lost.

    then they started over and did it again.

    it was sponsored by evian.

    please consider having this activity as the main event at your next office party.

    01.07.00 Ostrich Festival 2000
    300,000 people. Chandler, Arizona. Ostriches.

    elsewhere, an ostrich festival gallery.

    it's still happening this year, despite last year's big ostrich festival debate: the ostrich festival vs the cleaner, less-weird cotton festival. here, they refer to the cotton festival as more "family oriented" than the (lewd? adult-themed?) ostrich festival.

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    another ostrich festival
    the public has spoken. it said, "more ostrich festivals."

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    Ostriches Online
    sells business plan software to help you saddle-up and ride the lucrative Ostrich biz.

    As The World's Largest International Ostrich Company, Ostriches On Line have prepared for you the ultimate business plan to help you set up your new Ostrich, Emu or Rhea Farm.

    also, why is this on their home page? someone please make it stop.

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    a car named Naked, by Daihatsu. just think how great it would be if that big logo on your car's grill said, "Naked."

    in Japan, if you're an automobile manufacturer, you can name a car Naked and no one will say, "that's a dumb idea" or "that makes me uncomfortable" or "that is completely insane."

    the car is naked. it's true.