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12.20.99 fake-toy
electronic civil disobedience, probably illegal or at best legally grey. it's an applet set up to flood with requests in an attempt to overload their servers or at least smack them around a little bit.

all you have to do is configure your browser and then visit the applet page. and (merry christmas!) you're pummeling with pointless bandwidth-wasting document requests.

the christmas shopping frenzy has already ended, but the plan (according to RTMark) is to keep the flood going until the 25th "just for fun."

here's another fake-toy site, mirrored on

and another mirror.

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mandrell sisters web stage
crazy good tasty morsel of americana. bite in and you'll see. yum!

from barbara's nook: "It goes without saying that Barbara Mandrell is talented... In her show she does her standards, mixes in some soulful blues, some getup and hiphop rap."

from irlene's corner: "Currently, Irlene is the national spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation's- Women in the Outdoors program."

from louise's parlor: "There were commercials made of Louise on stage playing the fiddle like the Devil broke loose in Georgia but her hair stayed gorgeous. Convincingly so, that I still use White Rain today..."

also star-spangled good!

[from Bjorn's friend Tim to Bjorn to misterpants to you!]

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Travis Latke's Galaxyquest Page
realistic fake fan page for fake tv show from real movie about fake tv show where fake tv show actors are thrown into "real space adventure" (real in movie, still fake in real life).

i don't know anything about this movie. (of course it's not in japan yet.) but this page is so great because it's a dead-on accurate fan page parody--right down to the sorry-for-no-updates message and the crappily-compressed jpegs.

plus the episode listings sound exactly like real star trek episodes: "Commander Taggart uses a prototype mime simulife to mimic the Gdonk delegate and buy enough time to escape with the real Gdonk."

[from Jose]

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animated german sign gestures rendered as line drawings
weird-looking mpeg movies of computer-rendered drawings of people speaking german. kind of creepy and science-y. and german.

[from stephanie. today is like guest-host day or something.]

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mayan bird chirp pyramid echo thing
stairsteps in mayan pyramid break up soundwaves to make chirping bird noises.

"Handclaps evoke chirped echoes from the staircases of the Pyramid of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza....What is very interesting is that the chirped echo sounds arguably like the primary call of the Mayan sacred bird, the resplendent Quetzal."

crazy cool or just crazy? i can't decide.

(salon can't decide either.)

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Etoys' stock plummets from 67 1/8 to 37 9/16 in less than one month! woo!
this is so hilarious and it just makes me incredibly happy and gives me some sort of faith in poetic justice or something.

look at the chart starting on november 29, the day of Etoys' preliminary injunction against etoy--Etoys' stock has been steadily losing value. so wonderful. so perfect. use your money to bully some little artist guys around and then have it backfire so the market turns on you and you lose all your money. goddam i am pleased.

if there's something i can stomp on to make sure their stock doesn't come back up, well just show me where it is and i'll start a-stompin'.

sell, sell, sell. whee!

12.19.99 gallery of mexican wrestling masks
and japanese wrestling masks as well. nice.

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museum of menstruation
from roadside america. hmm.

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at the unnatural museum. nice bigfoot history.

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cowboys for christ
it starts with the sentence: "All animals have worms to some degree," and then just gets better and better and by the end we're told that if we accept christ, he will deworm us. i swear it really does say that.

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things i learned about alex cox on, by misterpants:
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spaghetti western poster gallery
also japanese spaghetti western posters.

12.17.99 326
awesome japanese illustrator. may be named anan-326, i'm not sure. really great. i see his stuff everywhere. here's some of his commercial work. and here are some shockwave games, mostly mediocre except for the gumball machine. and here's a robot riding a goose. and here are these little darlings.

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merry christmas, from puffy

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new puffy remix album, "PRMX: Licensed to Skill." one of the songs was remixed by malcolm maclaren. (Puffy, the J-pop band, not Puffdaddy)

oh man! i just listened to all the little realaudio snippets and this album sounds so great. (for instance, dig captain funk's george-of-the-jungle drums on track 4. or nakanishi's psychedelic sludgerock fest on track 9. or how about track 2: "the readymade; darlin' of the discotheque track", even?) i'm all excited about this now, but i have to wait until november 27 until i shell out my $35 (or more?) to own this puppy. or maybe rent it and copy it? i dunno, i dunno. i have some to think about it though. [wait. what? no i don't. it's december already. i'm dumb.]

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that's all i know.
"Keep Off Your Hands"
That's the first track on this Japanese CD of Christmas music by Yuming. When you think of christmas, it's hard not to think, "keep off your hands," so this song is certain to become a Yuletide favorite.

the CD, is not strictly a Christmas CD--more like Xmas/Valentine's Day. And I suppose that's less weird than the Xmas/Halloween combo cards Chisato found, on which frankenstein and dracula decorate the tree.

12.16.99 Wiremommy Media Systems Halfhearted weblog
always good. halfhearted is healthy, i think. plus everyone loves a wiremommy. and especially right now you should go there to see all the great links to pictures of the Japanese Jenny doll. so awesome.

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"Don't be all talk when it comes to fashion - try a look that everyone will be talking about: ToothArt™!"

also ToothJewels™.

the Jewels one is awesome for me because i was trying to figure out a good way to look like a sleazy pirate.

but first i'm gonna cover my teeth in shamrocks and go down to the nearest Irish pub to show everyone.

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a referrer find. a good-looking little personal site with a cool rain front door and some other nice tricked-out html stuff. i also like where it says the site's owner is "amy.html" because I don't know if that's a typo or not but it's a great idea for a baby name.

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"fun" pictures from a collectible card show in Orlando Florida
i hope i never ever have as much fun as a phone card collector.

is it just me or are phone cards just the dumbest thing it the world to collect?

also covered bridges of maryland phone cards.
as if the concept itself isn't bad enough, these look like they're fake! someone went to the trouble of mocking up fake maryland covered bridge phone cards. and did it in a shoddy way. crazy.

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3D space invader DHTML treat
on Praystation, which has a really cool interface. i think i've linked to here before. oh, and also the guy who does this site is doing a lot of work to support etoy.

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y2k article from the March issue of The Nation

[from Stefan]
the local supermarkets all have little y2k displays up with bottled water and camping stoves and candles. but from what i hear most people here aren't really taking the y2k bug very seriously. Japan has a history of pretty heavy-duty denial and responding to problems too late. Of course, so does America.

i read that the official plan is for Japan to watch what happens in New Zealand, where y2k arrives 4 hours earlier.

Also, at 12:45 on the morning of 1-1-2000, Prime Minister Obuchi is going to deliver an announcement on TV explaining what has gone wrong and what's being done about it.

12.14.99the unseen pilot episode of Gilligan's Island
they dropped Bunny and the Secretary and got a new Professor, it looks like. from

oh, this part about the woman that played Mrs. Howell is good too.

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kind of interesting. media criticism and sitcom analysis. blah blah postmodern, blah blah simulation, blah blah but still some good stuff to chew on.

i was going to try to write them a letter but the instructions for doing that are so complicated that I gave up after reading through them for the third time. i guess it's a way to keep us stupid people from writing.

includes gilligan's island: exile in paradise.

12.13.99 ferret cologne

12.12.99 Godzilla Millenium
official website for the new Godzilla movie. Download the Japanese trailer and TV spots. they're cool. this one goes through the whole history of Godzilla movies.

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Godzilla Tohotopia: news and rumors
Godzilla still has obsessed fans. I didn't know.

"Godzilla will only use his atomic fire about seven times in the film.... When Godzilla breathes fire his throat bulges out."

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tokyo stompers
the best thing here is the monster biographies--they list the height and weight of Godzilla and all his colleagues.

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big in japan
i can't believe i've never seen this before. it's an archive of brief japanese pop culture articles from

covers everything japanese you've ever wondered about, including but not limited to:
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pink lady and jeff!
"the nail in the coffin" of the 70s variety show genre. this sounds so incredibly unbelievably terrible that i have to get hold of a copy of one of these shows.

The concept was simple: Jeff Altman serves as 'interpreter' for the two ladies, which meant 'translating' (upstaging) their songs and talking oriental gibberish to his two confused co-stars in an attempt explain American culture. They interact with the guest stars - then at the end of the show, they all jump into a hot tub together.

they've got some clips too. now if i could only get the stupid realplayer to work.

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this is where the above pink lady link is from. the rest of this site is pretty great, too. they've got Quark, Supertrain, rare footage of all sorts of stuff, 1974 gameshows, andz crazy-bad commercials. too many goodies.
Aerosmith, Black Cherry, and Mr. Big
all 3 bands are playing in Osaka on New Year's night. $130!!! so... some things are really expensive in Japan--bad music for instance. i mean Aerosmith, yeah okay, they have a place in history i suppose, like manual typewriters and chamber pots. but $130 just seems kind of vulgar and insulting (especially when that price tage is even loosely associated with Mr. Big).

12.11.99free book of mormon
sign up someone you know to be hassled by missionaries. a delightful prank. waste precious missionary time and annoy some unsuspecting chump.

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the cowboy prayer
"We as cowboys do not ask for special favors...."

also "'Welcome to heaven, cowboy...'"

such a great greeting. i'm going to start saying that to people when they get in to work. "Welcome to heaven, cowboy!"

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Rodeo Clip Art, Backgrounds & Graphics
a true cowboy knows where to find royalty free clip art. yeehaw.