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12.10.99wrestling cowboy
ha. a search for "wrestling cowboy" found me this and this!

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another etoys parody site
this one's really good, too. "It's Money and Toys that counts: Lots of the green stuff. Tons of it. Enough to roll around naked in while snorting cocaine off the belly of a prostitute."

this one was linked off the bottom of a New York Times online article, "EToys Lawsuit Is No Fun for Artist Group".

12.07.99 The Beach, the movie
i read the book. i was curious about the movie.

this site is really comprehensive and has lots of movie stills, but it didn't tell me whether or not they ruined the story in the process of adapting it to a screenplay. that's mostly what i was wondering.

for that info, maybe i'll have to read the entire script online.

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lying down horse episode
Jerry Mather's homepage has this kind of funny anecdote about shooting one episode of Leave it to Beaver with a trick horse that they had to tranquilize. crazy.

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Welcome to Japanese Motoring History
turn-of-the-century motorized vehicles in Japan. cruise around the japanese text part of the site--there are a lot more pictures there.

12.05.99 from NBC's KSL, LDS on Y2K
god. this is from the nbc station out of salt lake city. they did a hard-hitting report on the religious perspective on y2k, starting of course with the mormon take on it. and ending with the Jewish.

dumb, but kind of funny that in the interview Rabbi Wenger apparently had to explain to KSL-5 News that it was actually year 5759 on the Hebrew calendar. (now it's 5760--so ask again in 240 years about the y6k problem.)

The KSL news team includes a religion specialist. utah is scary.

bonus link: 14 white people with great teeth.

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another supporter. it's a small site but links to several articles.

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etoy's IP address.

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etoys sucks
weird protest vandalism page. looks like a kid did it. kind of funny. scribbling. everyone likes to scribble. scribbling is fun.

12.03.99 kill that cat
from great.

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Village Voice article. in a nutshell, = ecommerce ebastards.

"On Monday, the California State Court granted, the leading online toy retailer, a preliminary injunction against, an international Internet art site. This ruling could lead to an unfortunate precedent, as it clearly favors American corporations and American commercial law when settling disputes stemming from Net conflicts. "

the article's really interesting. after you read it, you might want to write to etoys and tell them they're being unreasonable.

also, etoy supporters have set up while is down.
today i got all interested in the Lindbergh kidnapping. i went to this site and found everything i wanted to know. (i didn't mean for that to sound so much like a testimonial.)

2 interesting new things that i learned:

overall this site is well organized and handy (again with the testimonial) but 2 annoying things about it:
  • they're trying to sell some book.
  • they keep saying "The Trial of the Century" over and over on every page.
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botched and wrongful executions
courtesy of

12.01.99nude man carrot

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some of the domain names dennis owns
i don't know who dennis is but he's clearly a class act. and with a wide range of interests:


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    "Smoking monkey dressed as a dandy"
    quicktime automata. creepy as hell. from the Kyoto Arashiyana Orgel Museum.

  • 11.29.99 Bobby Banana, Gus Grapes, Barney Broccoli, Kenny Canned Pineapple and Lucy Lettuce at the white house
    i wish they also had photos of Kenny Canned Pineapple in some kind of shoot-out with the secret service, Lucy lettuce being handcuffed, Barney Broccoli getting shoved into a squad car, and Gus Grapes being led away in tears.

    I started writing the newspaper article about it:

    "High in Vitamin C, and hopped up on methamphetamines, the tasty and nutritious Kenny Canned Pineapple muscled his way past whitehouse security guards today, before being tackled by 2 members of the secret service..."

    okay, here's more Dole fruit propaganda, in the form of a school musical.

    and the produce-oriented party just goes on... "Sammy Salad-In-A-Bag Hosts '5 A Day Party' for Chris and 35 friends in Orlando, Florida..." and you know what? if you follow that link, you will see that i didn't make up "Sammy Salad-In-A-Bag." The Dole PR people sniff markers all day or something.

    holy crap, it's ALL weird. i'd better stop now, but not before i show you the horrifying dancing collard greens jamboree.

    oh and Dole served me up a delicious transfer interrupted message:

    "Transfer interrupted! de from old browsers // Just because idiots CAN write HTML and JavaScript doesn't mean they SHOULD. var ParameterString ="

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    San Luis Obispo's Y2K Sanitation Preparedness Guide
    sure, it's funny now...

    [from Chisato]

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    Winston Smith is a San Francisco collage artist mostly famous for doing the cover of the Dead Kennedys' album, In God We Trust, Inc.

    this site is well-designed and includes nice little galleries from his first and second books. good, good.

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    An insanely-detailed review of the 1976 Jaws rip-off, Orca, from Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension. I just skimmed it and it had lots of funny parts.

    i also glanced the review of another Spielberg rip-off, Wheels of Terror. The intro's really good. Then, I dunno.

    They show lots of video grabs from the movies they review. I like that.

    11.26.99longacre farms
    "Climb aboard The SWEET CORNelius."

    "And you have to talk to 'Pappy'."

    yes, you do. you really do. even though "talk to 'Pappy'" is probably a veiled reference to something nasty.
    all i really want to impress upon you with this entry is:

    bowling shoe vending machine!

    oh, and also, when you are done, they give you a wet napkin to clean your greasy hands. smart.
    all day yesterday, i totally forgot it was thanksgiving. i just remebered now. weird.
    11.25.99 NTT-AT's ambient noise CD-ROM
    Literally ambient noise. A CD of ambient noise sounds from noisy places in Europe, Japan, and the US. And it's just under $4000.00 (includes shipping).

    also, includes fun translation error: "In offices, restaurants, on shopping moles."

    you may be wrong, BUT
    i was just thinking of that billy joel song "you may be right."

    what with all the new music out there, it's easy to forget the roots of rock and roll--and today's rock was pretty much born when the piano man started tickling the ivories. i keep thinking about when he said, "you may be wrong" and how he cleverly added after that, "but you may be right."

    i'm not overstating it when i say that no truer words were ever sung in any pop song ever. And I may be wrong about that, but I may be right. It all comes around. it all comes back to Mr. William Martin Joel.
    11.24.99 tamspotting
    "Welcome to Tamspotting, possibly the largest collection of Tamagotchi photographs on the Web."

    Exactly 100 Tamagotchi photos. Well, I'll be jiggered. (Rereading this later, I have no idea why I wrote that last sentence.)

    Tamagotchis... Trainspotting... 1996 remembered.

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    April's Japanese Music Page
    slick personal page(s) with tons of good J-pop. not only does she show an album cover or two for every artist she lists (a good policy), but she also links to one or more MP3s for each one. AND she has a realaudio clip for them all too! April came prepared.

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    Sex--take it or leave it, couples say
    Daily Yomiuri article on Japanese couples who don't have sex.

    "Other people's saliva feels dirty, doesn't it?" Seiichi said.

    "Yeah, I think so too," Kaori agreed. "Before touching someone, I always think about whether I've washed my hands...," she said.

    Dysfunction or lifestyle choice? Sexologists debate.

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    Mike's Radio World: Live Radio on the Web
    (i'm going through some kind of music-madness frenzy thing. please bear with me.)

    This here Mike Dean feller's a radio nut, god bless him, and he's made a list of radio stations all over the world that you can listen to live with realaudio. lots of broken links but also lots of puuure goooold, baby. even better is his list of college and public radio stations.

    some of my favorite American college radio stations so far:
    • WNUR - Chicago, IL
    • KALX - Berkeley, CA
    • KCRW - Santa Monica, CA
    • KZSU - Palo Alto, CA
    [from Shoko. Shoko rocks! Raaaawk grrrl! RAWK! WOO!]

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    petty booka
    ok, i was just listening to's Neo-Japan channel and it's like 20 times better than anything I ever hear on TV or the radio here. (Granted, my radio would have a better selection if it had an antenna.)

    and they played a Hawaiian Christmas song by Petty Booka, so i did a quick search for them. Check out all their album covers and their pictures.

    They do a pretty good job serving as a friendly introduction to the weird faux pacific islands fashion thing that's happening here as well as the tiny cowboy hat thing which startles everyone who visits.

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    today i was listening to the apparently well-funded (but also mysteriously-funded) and really liking it because i'm a sucker for that trendy dj junk. i am. it's true.

    anyway, on their site they link to this article on net radio from the Seattle Weekly which says,

    "INTERNET RADIO ARRIVED with perfect timing for listeners. Over the past decade, the government's favorable attitude toward big business and the consequent consolidation of the radio industry led to a severe narrowing of playlists. Stations once programmed by adventurous music directors now are driven by the corporate bottom line..."

    Amen, i'm sold. gimme net radio. (p.s. i still hate realaudio, though.)

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    zany videogame quotes
    some are funny. they have screengrabs of most of the videogame quotes too, so that's pretty cool. this might be the only website that bills itself as 'zany' that i've ever enjoyed.

    it's part of the portal of evil which has lots of other entertaining dark weirdness, mostly evil of course.
    book exhibitionist
    you can buy or rent books here. and when you do, the store will put a cover on the book for you so that when you read it, no one has to know what you're reading. it's one of the things people do to squeeze a little privacy into their mostly-public lives.

    so, i read on the train, and my books aren't ever wrapped. the covers are exposed! and it makes me feel like some kind of lewd exhibitionist. but not as much as when i ride the train with no pants.