Give me an idea of approximately how fancy I'm expected to be and I will make the utmost effort to meet or surpass that level of fanciness.
"snowball simulator" game
katamari damashii
Fun ad for a fun-looking new Japanese PS2 game. (3.5 Mb QT video.)

And here's some more video (in Windows Media Player format): a "game analyst" talks and talks and talks but also shows some kind of neat footage of the game being played. And here's the official site.

[Thanks Waxy.] we want your soul
Another music video. This one is for an Adam Freeland song. Anti-consumer fun, which probably ran on MTV between ads for the products in it. Oh the irony. awesome tattoo
so good! Wooster Collective : A Celebration of Street Art
Street art weblog. Lots of fun Q&As with artists. And lots of fun misspellings. But the photos are the best part. creepy chimp on scooter
and here's a creepy chimp head animatronic mask.

[Thanks Terri.] David Cross interview
Here's a good David Cross interview from a porn site that it turns out has interviewed lots of interesting people. Here, Cross talks about his DVD and the ill-fated "Run Ronnie Run".

In general, he talks openly about what sucks and what doesn't about various projects he's been involved with. For example, he gives a negative review of "Melvin Goes to Dinner". (With which I concur.)

I know lots of people are suffering from David Cross overexposure. Sorry for contributing to that if you're one of those people.
another crazy postal delivery person entry: tensions mount
I've talked about her a bunch here. She's nuts. And it's really funny but also sort of scary, considering how much she could actually mess up our lives by delivering a bill or a check or tax information to the wrong address.

Anyway, we get other peoples' mail in our mailbox almost every day. So a complaint was lodged--really more of a query than a complaint--and now our crazy postal carrier is mad at us.

She's gotten all passive-agressive, hand-delivering every single Netflix movie, for instance. She doesn't knock, but pounds on the door, which technically isn't passive-agressive but is actually agressive-agressive. And then scowls and hands over the movie and reiterates that any mistakes are not her fault.

And she doesn't seem to understand the nature of the complaint (which is, "we get other peoples' important mail, so perhaps other people are getting our important mail") but is quite certain that it is not her fault.

Which may be true. Nobody said it was her fault. But someone is putting mail in the wrong mailboxes on her route on the days that she is working.

Also, I got a package the other day and she asked what it was--not in a friendly chatty way but in a nosy busy-body way. I'm not sure what the law says about that, but it definitely seems out of line. I tried to think of the raunchiest thing it might be but didn't come up with anything good quickly enough. Because I'm slow like that.

Anyway, I really hope she's not spying on us private citizens for the government's (supposedly defunct but maybe secretly not defunct) TIPS program. Because she is crazy, and unreliable, and now she also hates us.
03.10.04    walkietalkiegondry.jpg
Walkie Talkie Man by Steriogram
Michel Gondry makes the greatest videos. This one starts out good. Then it gets better. And then it gets even better.
is feeling much better. still not 100%, but better. i have to stop sitting like a dummy.
03.04.04    clownsweater.jpg
Everybody loves a clown, so why don't you?
clownsweater project
Awesome self-explanatory project featuring dozens of people modeling the world's creepiest sweater.

[via filmfatale]
oh man
My left shoulder feels like it's trying to detach itself from my body. And I'm thinking maybe this is from too much computer-ing at my very not ergonomic ArmRipper brand desk.

So this site may experience infrequent updates while I'm experiencing searing shoulder pains.

I know I've always got a million-billion excuses for not updating, and sadly none of those excuses is ever, "living life to its fullest". (Oh, except when I'm lying.)

But I'm optimistic that this will be a temporary setback and I'll be back to spending too much time in front of the computer soon. Aw yeah! High five! Ow ow ow!