07.11.99uncle booger's bumperdumper
the name pretty much sums it up. thanks, uncle booger.

07.10.99Sgt. Pepper's tribute site
not the Beatle's album, but the awful movie starring George Burns and Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees (to name a few).

my favorite thing about this site is the sounds page. definitely check out the sounds of the computerettes with their 1978 robot voices. and don't miss George Burns singing "Fixing a Hole" or Steve Martin doing "Maxwell's Silver Hammer".

i also liked this interview with Alice Cooper taken from the Pheonix New Times where they ask the obvious question: "Could a cast of dancing and singing midgets have saved Pepper from disaster?"

also kind of impressive: the entire script is here.

07.09.99Gary Spivy
the site's boring, but definitely visit the front page just to see Gary Spivy, the craziest-looking psychic in the world. He's got a wig made of yarn and a sweater made of feathers, laughing himself silly, oh gary.

i scoured the internet for a clip of the old Gary Spivy infomercial with Downtown Julie Brown, but i never found it. (If it's out there, let me know.)

from a 2 a.m. tv ad:
"they taught us how to love. they taught us how to live. monster ballads."
07.08.99 south park movie review
this is awesome--a review of the new South Park movie from "ChildCare Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP)". Surprisingly, the freakishly uptight reviewer doesn't like the movie. here's a couple quotes to show you why this movie review gets two thumbs up--way up:

"*South Park* is an *incredibly dangerous* movie for those who do not understand or are developing an understanding of the Gospel ....... INCREDIBLY dangerous."

"Angels were portrayed as females - nude, very nude."

That does sound dangerous. i mean we've all seen nude angels, but not "very nude" ones.

the funny thing is that i didn't really want to see this movie before but thinking of this person squirming through the movie with a sour lemon face actually makes it sound great. the reviewer even counted all 131 occurences of the "most foul of foul words".

a few more quotes:

"A child was graphically incinerated by igniting his anal wind"

and under instances of "impudence/hate" they list: "passing body gas in time to music and in other situations"

man, they should use these quotes in the trailers: "The ChildCare Action Project calls it 'extraordinarily vulgar, vile, and repugnant...'"

- - - - - - -

adult lunch boxes
wow, these are so great. you're gonna love these. Isabel Samaras is a professional illustrator. but for fun she paints TV trays, lunch boxes and old wooden gameboards with sitcom characters in "adult situations". Gilligan and the Skipper doin' it while Mr. Howell watches, and Luncheon on the Grass starring Jeannie, Major Nelson, and that other guy, Roger Healy. etc. They're the kind of thing where if they were done badly, they'd be awful, but the execution is so good that they're really great.

- - - - - - -
nice little site. some music. some pictures. and DONUT NAVIGATION!!!

i exchanged email with the owner of this site a while ago. he told me about and i checked it out and i liked it. then a day or two later, i went looking for the email and couldn't find it for some reason. i hadn't bookmarked the site, so i thought it was lost forever. then it showed up in my referrers yesterday. that made me happy. it was kind of like the day i found my Gameboy that i thought i had lost. Only this showed up in my referrers and my Gameboy showed up on a shelf behind the Scrabble board.

oh yeah, also he links to benicetobears and cardhouse, which are two of my favorite sites.
Austin Powers 2
do not see this movie.
do not see this movie.
do not see this movie.

i feel like a chump for seeing this movie.

07.07.99 message from Michael Sweet
"I went out and sang 'Honestly' and it was very emotional for me. I felt Gods hand move over the entire crowd! Chills from head to toe! AWESOME!!!"

Sweet was in the band Stryper. God has forgiven them for their hair and re-united some of the members for a concert in Puerto Rico.

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Europe Reunite campaign headquarters
"This site is for everyone that want the famous rockgroup Europe to reunite." Reunite Europe buttons are also available.

from looking at the website, it's hard to say if junktape is a good show or not, but my curiosity is definitely piqued. it's on Manhattan cable and it looks like it consists of crazy found clips and taped-live-on-the-street segments where puppets conduct unrehearsed interviews with real people. in one episode, greg the bunny buys pot from an ex-champion skier. in another he harasses children at Chuck E. Cheese's. that's exactly what i need right now: video footage of a puppet harassing children at Chuck E. Cheese's. Too bad their order form isn't up yet.

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cliche finder
finds cliches.

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has this letter corey wrote ("...Please do not believe the twisted contorted lies this man has put on me....THANX for caring and don't forget to keep the FAITH!!!!") in response to what he allegedly said about Ben Affleck and others in an interview in a magazine called Steppin Out.

- - - - - - -

hollywood collectors show, inc.
when stars fall from the sky, they apparently land at Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn. The March show had "Dick 'Mr. Whipple' Wilson (SATURDAY ONLY)".

nice pixelly Japanese design site. lots of fonts, some free. the font-dispenser page is really nice. here you'll also find the museum of scribble, in which exhibit B1 is funny and kind of interesting: Netscape Now buttons.

i think the guy who does this, Yuji Adachi, is also responsible for YUJI-3001. the index page is really cool, plus the user's guide section has a nice cereal-box interface.

- - - - - - -

we are deadcopy
"ENJOY YOUR BASEBALL...." the writing on this page is great. the rest of the site is mostly text in japanese (except for this photo of deadcopy in colorful sporty striped outfits that remind me of Logan's Run).

kind of funny little website. not much to it, but it made me laugh out loud once i think.

last night i went to Butter, the place that this site is promoting. that's what made me think to visit the site. [see one column to the right.]

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tater tot trivia
"Q: How many TATER TOTS can comfortably fit in the average human's mouth?"
it's a 'white trash bistro and bar' which isn't a concept i'm crazy about. if you distill it, it's ugly: rich sf hipsters making fun of poor people, right? the idea is only half-way executed anyway; the place feels really new and has those little halogen lights suspended from exposed wires like every single new SF bar or restaurant in the past 3 years. same in your city too, no?

for the white trash motiff they've got a trailer in the bar where you can order food: tater tots , white castle hamburgers, spaghetti-os. which that's cool. especially the tater tots. more bars should serve tater tots. also the wait-staff wear those 80s metal-band-style t-shirts: white shirt, black three-quarter sleeves.

at 9:00 it was pretty mellow and fun. by 11:00 it abruptly got really scene-y and meat-market-y. but the dj played really good music the whole time. unfortunately, there's no place to dance.

located at that Folsom & 11th entertainment district, san francisco.
a one-act play i overheard in the park today.

CHILD: wah wah wah!

DAD: Aw, I know. I know.

CHILD: wah wah wah waaaah!

DAD: I know, I know.

CHILD: wah wah wah!

DAD: Hey, there's a doggie! See the doggie?